The Best Wearable Tech

Here’s how to make your life easier, with five of the newest gadgets you can slip right on. By Lisa Smyth

The humble wrist has received a lot of love from the wearable tech industry – smartwatches and activity trackers are everywhere. But now, the rest of the body is finally getting some attention, and there’s a whole range of wearables you can stock up on that will make your life better.

1 Garmin Varia Vision In-sight Display

If you are a dedicated power pedaller you will want to get your hands on Varia Vision (AU$649), the first in-sight cycling display from Garmin. The lightweight device easily attaches to either side of your sunglasses and puts your heart rate, performance data and navigation info right in your line of sight. And, with an eye on safety, you can pair it with Varia rearview radar so you’ll always know when a car is approaching from behind.

2 Nadi X yoga pants

Is your downward facing dog a little wobbly? Has your crow not quite taken off? Paired with the Nadi X app, these yoga pants (US$249) have built-in sensors that know what pose you are in and offer feedback via gentle vibrations on your body. “We have worked with hundreds of yoga instructors, physiotherapists and doctors across four continents to ensure our algorithms are not biased to any one shape or form,” explains Billie Whitehouse, CEO of Wearable X. “No one else in the world can quantify yoga except us.” Best of all, these very fancy pants are machine washable.

3 Motiv Ring

With all the things you have to remember these days, a fitness tracker can really help encourage a healthier you – until you need to go to a swanky dinner or have a shower, and you forget to put it back on. Enter the Motiv Ring (US$199), one of smallest fitness trackers available. It’s small, durable, waterproof and pretty darn stylish. It will measure your activity levels, sleep and heart rate and is specially sized for your finger. Now, all you have to do is pick the colour – rose gold or slate grey.

4 Metaverse Nails

If you combine fashion, gaming and wearable tech you have Metaverse Nails (US$20). “I use the term ‘appcessories’ and Metaverse Nails is the first augmented reality fashion product of its kind anywhere in the world,” says Australian founder Thea Baumann. Launched in 2015, the nails are already a huge hit in China and Japan. The colourful stick-on decals interact with a 3D app that triggers interactive hologram stickers that can be shared on social networks. “Both the nails and holograms are designed by Melbourne artists,” says Thea. “As a Melbourne artist myself I wanted to support that community.”

5 Mirage Solo with Daydream

The ‘reality’ part of VR has had a problem for a while. How ‘real’ can tennis feel when you get tangled up in wires while hitting your signature serve? So Lenovo has delivered the world’s first standalone Daydream VR Headset (AU$799) – no wires, no extra sensors. Slide the headset on and duck, weave and jump to your heart’s content.